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These addresses and comments about medicine in Germany are designed to help doctors and other interested users to find out information on the topic of "Health in Germany" with a simple few clicks on the mouse. 


Internationally important websites for medical research are listed according to similar subject groupings used for websites in Germany. 


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Health Issues for Travellers

Germany is located in north-central Europe and is favoured with a generally temperate climate. This column gives you details about vaccines, other health issues, important emergency information and medical insurance for travellers.

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Hospital (Clinic) Treatment in Germany
This category shows the web-adresses for health services in Germany including  hospitals, rehabilitation clinic and dental practices.  Information is also given about health insurances and treatment costs for foreign patients.

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Jobs for Medical Doctors in Germany
This category gives information for Physicians (Medical Doctors) from EU- and Non-EU-Countries, who are interested to work in Germany as postgraduate-Trainees or Specialists.

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Studying Medicine in Germany
This section is for the students interested in studying human medicine in Germany and contain general information for foreign applicants together with details concerning recognition of the foreign certificates and degrees in Homeland and prior knowledge of the German language. 

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Working Formalities for Foreign Physicians in Germany
This Chapter comprises formalities in Germany for medical graduates from EU- and non-EU countries, post-graduate speciality training, differences in medical training, the job market for physicians and important Adresses.

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Medical Schools, Hospitals and Jobs Worldwide
Adresses of the medical schools and university hospitals in Germany, USA, Canada and Europa with information about job oppurtunities and post-graduate training according to the countries. 

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