Important Information

Surgery hours:  Generally 09.00-12.00 and 1600-1800 (not Wednesday afternoon, Saturday or Sunday).

Emergency telephone number: 112

Pharmacies: The Pharmacies are open 0900-1800 Monday to Friday and 0900-1200 Saturday (not Wednesday afternoon or Sunday). All Pharmacies give alternative addresses of services available outside the normal opening hours. Only pharmacies have the right to sell medicine. 

More Information

German National Tourist Board (Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus)

Health Information, Centers for Disease Control and Prävention, CDC

Current Recommendations, preventive Measures for Travelers to Western Europa.

Immunisations, Fit for Travel

Immunisations Advice for Germany.

RKI, Robert Koch Institut Berlin

Extensive information over Vaccinerecommendations, infectious diseases, including infection-epidemiology in german language.

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